EveryLetterCyborg V1.1 is an interface that is programmed in a Jackson Mac Low’s diastic algorithm that can translate any textual input into a stream of words that are extracted from a source text, i.e. Donna Haraway’s “Cyborg Manifesto” (Simians, Cyborgs and Women: The Reinvention of Nature (New York; Routledge, 1991, 149-181). One significance of the diastic method is that the output is an adaptation of the source text while the input becomes invisible and transformed into something new. In the case of EveryLetterCyborg, the interface turns every letter into words that are within the discourse of the Cyborg Manifesto.



When text-to-speech-voices (━+ ゚。☆*。。 meet asian-pop-mannequin-vocaloid *:♪・゚’☆ when xenofeminist-alienation meets trumpian-shock-and-awe :・゚。・’★,。・ ,An entropic chant of discursive mashup. Get in the groove .o。*。 .。<)ノ :。・:*:

*Artist’s remix of her audiovisual live improvisation set, debuted at CHANNEL No2, Katzman Contemporary on Jan 20th, 2017. Original audio documentation recorded by Brett Despotovich.


Rooted in sonic somatic performing, my interdisciplinary practices vacillate within the spectrum of the habitual, the unusual, the perpetual, and the ephemeral. My ongoing areas of focus examine the underlying contemporary paradigms that mobilize language, code and speech, and how these three systems all together have shaped our affect, thought and understandings of the world through the mediation in our current cultural-technical milieu. Speculating on digital poetics poly-dimensionally, I am interested in queering and disquieting the infrastructure of poiesis to make known the networked analog-digital reality we are interoperating within.

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