This is a short video piece I put together for the "WWF Wrasslin' Fundraiser" put on by the ASAP artist centre in Antigonish, NS. It takes a look at one very stereotypical masculine role portrayed in popular culture- the wrestler. By taking these scenes out of their normal cultural context and repurposing them as video art, the flaws within the narrative from which they are derived becomes easier to dissect. Upon closer inspection, it's not hard to see how mouldable, flexible and fragile these rigid binary stereotypes of masculinity are.


The balance of how an individual is viewed by others and how they view themselves is a tight rope act. "How do you look?" examines and bends the concepts behind classic western gender roles. By bumping scenes up against one another in an ever building cacophony of sound and visuals, the tenuous narrative of a Man's perception of who he is begins to break apart.


I am a digital media artist living on the traditional lands of the Mi'kmaq in what is now known as Antigonish, Nova Scotia. I am a film producer and director by trade and utilize my skills as a cinematographer, editor and maker to craft interactive installations and video art. The goal of my artwork is to challenge dominant narratives within popular culture by reproducing them and revealing how tenuous and chaotic stories are without their context.

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