Plaque Illustration Queer Planet Queer Planet Queer Planet Plaque Illustration Queer Planet


Inspired by Michael Warner’s writing in the 1993 text Fear of a Queer Planet, in which Warner critiques the Pioneer Plaque sent out into space in the early 1970’s by NASA as representing a white, able-bodied, hetero-normative version of humanity, the Queer Still Life series contemplates queer alternatives. Through the queering of these familiar objects into something other, one may reflect on the possibility that a ‘queer’ sensibility exists between the binary categories that heavily mediate our perception of human life, highlighting the ubiquitous nature of queerness in the every day, and challenging the validity of these taxonomies (male/female, synthetic/real) altogether. Through the implementation of 3D rendered hyperrealistic environments and the use of digital/physical simulated beings I am also exploring issues of digital aura and authenticity and questioning the concept of the ‘natural’ or the ‘real’.

Plaque Illustration Queer Planet Queer Planet


"Adrienne Crossman’s Workout Series (2013) is sourced from exercise videos, cultural products intended to make bodies conform to gender-normative models of attractiveness. In a gesture of liberation, she transforms these bodie[s] into fantastic, pan-sexual entities."
Description by Jacquline Mabey


My practice, rooted in queer and feminist theory, aims to create feelings of queerness, by disrupting conceptions of ‘normal’ and ‘natural’, bringing to light objects, individuals and spaces that challenge the concept of normativity. I'm exploring spaces located in between binary categories (male/female, virtual/physical, synthetic/real), and by focusing on the in between I hope to challenge the validity of these binaries altogether. I am a queer artist who identifies as non-binary in relation to gender, and my practice proposes alternatives to inflexible identity categories that work to oppress those who do not fit within them.

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